We decided to check out the Deland Bike Rally the 1st weekend of Daytona Bike Week - 2009. It was a good time. My only complaints are that the lines were too long at the beer tents at the main music stage area and that there were not enough trash cans in the food area. Overall it was a great event with more bikes in the street than Leesburg. I think there is more to do in Leesburg but both offer some good times. The Blackhawks and Big Engine both played at the main stage and we found a unique band playing "on the other side of town". We walked up and realized that the drummer was playing buckets and such and they were having a playoff between 3 guys to decide who was the best "bucket man". Here are some quick movies and a few pictures. Damndest thing I ever saw. I didn't realize that this was such a big event and we will put it on our calendar for upcoming years. We ended up there really by chance as we were planning on hitting the Cabbage Patch for the coleslaw wrestling but realized just before departing that it was only held on Wednesday and the next Saturday. We also left the house and realized there were no turn signals or horn so it was a quick turn around back home to trouble-shoot a blown fuse. It was replaced and we were back on the road in 10 minutes. Another great country ride after we got off the interstate.

Deland Bike Rally link - http://www.delandbikerally.com/

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