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little scooter

We enjoy taking off and heading wherever the wind leads us and linked here are some of our stops and routes that we sometimes take. (the helmet in the picture is optional depending on how far and which state we are traveling)

You should be able to pan and zoom on each of these maps to get a better idea of the surrounding areas. Give the page a few seconds to load with the routes highlighted. Also - you can double click any area of the map for it to zoom to that area.

South on 13 from Mandarin-

This ride is always interesting as it takes us along the St. Johns River, through some beautiful tree lined areas and farmland. We pass many motorcyclists' on this route who seem to enjoy the fresh air as much as we do. Sometimes we ride until we are tired with no ultimate destination, turn around and head back. Damn - I love riding and it is a real joy to have Christine along on her own scooter now.

Outback Crab Shack

Whitey's Fish Camp

Captain Joe's in Palatka

Cheyenne Saloon

My Uncle Mac's Place (not a public stop off point in case you are getting any ideas!)



Beach Rides-

My 2nd favorite ride right behind the mountains. There is nothing like having the ocean off to your side and that salty smell in the air.


Ponte Vedra

Fort Clinch




Deland (1st weekend of bikeweek 2009)

Daytona (2nd weekend of bikeweek 2009)



Helen, Ga.

Tail of the Dragon

Maggie Valley