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South on 13
« on: 01/25/09 »
One of our regular rides is south on 13 here in Jacksonville.There are quite a few options once you get going and sometimes we just never know where we'll end up at. It could be the Outback Crab Shack, keep going down into Palatka to the Cheyenne Saloon, cross over 16 and head over to Whitey's Fish Camp, head the other direction on 16 and end up in St. Augustine or sometimes it may be Daytona. We always agree that no matter where we end up at, it will be a good time and cherished. We won't be hitting the Outback Crab Shack again anytime too soon due to them raising their prices excessively. You can read my thoughts at the recent rides link below.

We recently took off and headed up 9A and ended up at Fort Clinch ( which was an unexpected treasure. The ride in through the park is fantastic, the beach areas back in the "restricted" camping area is beautiful and the old fort walk-through was very interesting. Since we were on the motorcycle, the admission was $3.00 which I think may have been a dollar discount. If you haven't been up there to see it, put this one on your list of to-do's. As a side note - I always try and bring my camera when we take off since the unexpected always happens - this time I didn't and so we are planning another trip back soon to capture the memories.
I am putting links and maps over on the main page now.
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