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We recently vivsited our favorite store and decided to try Tuaca. What a nice a surprise for me (being a Scotch connoisseur). The first taste threw us due to its sweetness but by the 2nd helping - well - let's just say our imagination's kicked in. We had recently stopped by Harmonious Monks here in Mandarin and Christine ordered a lemon drop martini which she didn't care for too much on the way they had mixed it. Well, after tasting the Tuaca she thought that it would make a great base and decided to give it a try. Man - what a treat. I don't care for the sugars around the rim at all but I was "persuaded" to give it a try. The first one was ok with the "sand" distracting me so I went naked on the next few. All I can say is that if you have a pretty decent mixture you like, give it a try with this stuff and see what it does for you.
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