Author Topic: Young guitar players that caught my eye  (Read 2565 times)

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YouTube is a great site to see and learn just about anything you can imagine. If you have a few minutes, check these links out. If you run out of time, come back later and check the rest as I will be adding more as time permits. Don't forget to read the information location to the right of each video to learn a little more about these people.

It simply amazes me at the music choices some of these kids have made. I thank their parents and what ever other influences have happened in their lives to continue the "classic's".

Start 5 Feb, 09
Quinn Sullivan (and Buddy Guy) (I had to throw this one in so you didn't miss it)
More great videos by Quinn. Be sure to go down through the list - amazing.

Tallan Latz (with Walter Trout)
Many more great videos by T'man

Cole Citrenbaum (awesome version - I look forward to seeing an update)
More of Cole's stuff (look for the Jonny Lang San Fran entry. Cole's smile about 2 minutes in is cool)
His myspace page. Check out some of the artist that are on there

10 year old Ben
More of Ben's stuff

Nick (only 4 months of learning)


Matthew Curry
More of Matt's stuff

Ryan - 11 year old Blues/Jazz. (you'll have to go thru musicjulie123's videos to find the rest)

This girl is pretty damn good
I beleive this is the same girl (do check out some of the other videos for "bymusicman" on the side)

Candy - Playing Steve Vai (Taiwan?)

Andrew (Where do they learn this beauty? Something they are born with I guess)
More of his stuff
End 5 Feb, 09

Alex Ivanov
We had the pleasure of listening to 13 year old Alex Ivanov at the 2009 Leesburg Bikefest this past weekend and the kid was great. Look for him to be a headliner someday.
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Re: Young guitar players that caught my eye
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Thanks for the links dude. These youngsters are fantastic.