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 :'( My band had the opp to open for Skynyrd one night in Kissimmee, Florida and it was a great show!
Afterwards we went to play another Scheduled gig that night and after their show Billy powell & Gary Rossington personally came to our gig to thank us for the great job we did on such short notice.
Billy was the nicest, most sincere, genuine & down to earth person anyone would ever want to meet.
He gave so much kind words and support to my group that gave us a really big boost of moral.
It was such a great honor to be able to do that single gig that we were all on cloud 9 for weeks to come.
Thanks for the great moment Billy & Gary God Bless you and your family.
I'll see ya when I get there! "Bully"  ;)
Wow - hard to believe. I'm glad we caught them on thier last visit.

I just uploaded some raw pics from our visit to the Van Zant grave in 07. I wonder if he'll be buried in the same area.

Here is another site with additional pics and info.

Billy's Link
I got to thinking the other day about how the HOJ faded from Jax/Mandarin and what could have been done to save it. As you can probably tell by the main site, we love music and we like a variety of music. One problem that I personally had with the HOJ was trying to figure out when they were open and who was appearing or what the "theme" was for a particular night. This isn't meant to bash them - God knows I wish they were still in business - but I did not find it "user friendly" when trying to figure out when to go. We enjoyed some good music there and will look over there for signs of life everytime we eat at the Mi Toro. RIP HOJ - RIP.
Wow - hard to believe. I'm glad we caught them on thier last visit.
Myrtle Beach has officially cancelled all future rallies. Read about it here

2/28 - THE WANEE SITE IS BACK UP AND RUNNING AND IT LOOKS GREAT!!! (love those singing trees) Lineup is posted
(there is even a forum area so stop on by.)

Be sure to stop by and check out our pictures from past Wanee's. There are music links at the bottom of the page for each of the groups attending this year.

Lineup as of 2/27/09:

**Please read below for important links to keep you updated on the lineup and dates**

Jan 25, 2009 - It really bugs me that the promoters have not made an announcement yet. These guys are on to something big and they are playing with it like people can just stop what they are doing at the drop of a hat, schedule vacation time, make travel plans etc and rush right on over to the fest. Even though the ABB are the roots of this fest, they aren't my only reason for going and I would still go even if they were not there. It looks like there may have been some poor planning this year. Don't get me wrong – the ABB are the big name with good reason and are one of my top 2 bands. We don't have much in the South along the lines of this kind of fest and it really could evolve into something supernatural if given the chance. Hopefully the event coordinator that took it over last year understands that.

The ABB have a poll on their site for people to vote. Hop on over here and cast your vote for Wanee.

For those of you not familiar with the grounds and what they do:

UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE - January 28th - the Waneefest site is back up and showing signs of life. Show your support everyone and get your tickets when they become available. We can not let this event die.

Tracking the Jambase thread in gimp's post below got me over to and they have rumored that the Grateful Dead may be there. It is looking more and more like June 5-6. Hopefully will be posting a Wanee date soon. What more could you ask for than the ABB and the Dead at such a great fest. has the date as June 5th here
What is your favorite drink? / Tuaca
« Last post by Fester on 01/25/09 »
We recently vivsited our favorite store and decided to try Tuaca. What a nice a surprise for me (being a Scotch connoisseur). The first taste threw us due to its sweetness but by the 2nd helping - well - let's just say our imagination's kicked in. We had recently stopped by Harmonious Monks here in Mandarin and Christine ordered a lemon drop martini which she didn't care for too much on the way they had mixed it. Well, after tasting the Tuaca she thought that it would make a great base and decided to give it a try. Man - what a treat. I don't care for the sugars around the rim at all but I was "persuaded" to give it a try. The first one was ok with the "sand" distracting me so I went naked on the next few. All I can say is that if you have a pretty decent mixture you like, give it a try with this stuff and see what it does for you.
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