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Great call on some great music.  Thanks for the heads up.  Usually free music isnt nearly this good.
The dates for Waneefest are April 15-17 with the lineup still to be announced. Hop on over to the forum to join in with the chatter.

The bad news is that there is an early report that prices for the upgraded sites went from $109.00 per site to $65.00 per person. I'm hoping that some sort of justification is presented if this is true. "Wanee Festival" is a magical experience and a sharp increase in site fees takes away from that. 
Dates are to be announced Friday November 20th. Stay tuned at for the updates. This is a shortcut to the forum bypassing the opening flash .
Hi guys...
I am new here my name is Allen i visit your site all the sites are really great thanks for sharing....
Myrtle Beach officials: No more biker rallies-- MYRTLE BEACH — Furious and frustrated after the weekend shooting death of a 20-year-old Coastal Carolina University student, Myrtle Beach City Council members said Tuesday that they do not want motorcycle rallies in the city any more.

A group of local ministers and a bike-rally event promoter spoke to the council at a morning workshop Tuesday and implored the city to help them "do something" about the behavior they witnessed during the past weekend. Other groups have complained to city officials in previous years after the Atlantic Beach Bikefest biker rally and the Harley-Davidson spring rally.

"I experienced something ... enough is enough," the Rev. Tim McCray told the council on Tuesday. He said he and others had not slept for the past four days during the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, staying up to get a firsthand look at the parties that have for years concerned residents and prompted complaints. "They were up there partying, doing things they shouldnt be doing."

Grand Strand Connection is an umbrella group that is trying to help solve "issues that threaten the harmony of Myrtle Beach," said McCray, the groups founder. The group is bringing together local officials, clergy, hotel owners, restaurants and other groups that plan and hold events geared toward bikers to make the spring and fall bike rallies more organized.

McCray said he witnessed public sex acts and other behavior, not among the sport bikers who traditionally have come to the area during Memorial Day weekend, but among the 16- to 20-year-olds who arrive by the carload to party during weekend rally.

"We know the NAACP has you locked down," McCray told the council. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has sued the city and area businesses for what it has called racist behavior during the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, which is visited predominantly by African Americans and happens around Memorial Day weekend.

Others argue that those who come to the Atlantic Beach Bikefest — whatever their race —dont behave properly, dont respect the city and its residents and cause more trouble than they are worth financially.

The NAACP has monitored the Bikefest and the Harley-Davidson spring rally to make sure people are treated fairly at both events.

Myrtle Beach Councilman Mike Chestnut, who appeared visibly upset by the weekend shooting of CCU student Corey Brooks, asked McCray and the others what they expect the city to do to make bike rallies more successful.

"Why should we invest in this event when we dont in any other?" Chestnut asked. "Let me tell you whats going to happen. The City Council is going to shut it down. Were not going to have a 20-year-old shot because someone is too cheap to pay for a 20 parking space."

Police have not confirmed a motive in the shooting. Hakim Harrell, an event promoter, said he understands the citys concern, but hopes more organized activities scattered throughout the city would draw people away from Ocean Boulevard.

"We dont care which rally it is, wed just as soon stop them," Mayor John Rhodes told the group.

"We dont need them," Rhodes said. "We can fill all the hotel rooms without bike weeks."

— The Myrtle Beach Sun News

--from Rogue
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hey doug and christine,
   just a quick hello. i talked to roger and he told me about your site, this is pretty cool. glad to see you are doing well. drop me some mail.

mike pendergast
The 19th annual Springing the Blues fest is under way this weekend. We started out for a motorcycle ride last night south on US1 and remebered that it was going on. We made a left on Nocatee Parkway and shot up A1A to the festival, lucked into to some free mototrcycle parking right at the band shell and caught 4 of the bands. I don't know much about Regi Blue but she and her band were kicking ass on stage with a mix of music. J.P. Soars and the Red Hots were playing on the other stage and sounded great. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band played next on the main stage next and then we walked over and took in a little of Conrad Oberg. All in all a good evening and the temperature for the ride back was just cool enough to stay in the t-shirt. We are heading back over today to take in some WSNB and we'll se what the day deals us.
It is a simple process if you are using a valid email address. The link you have included is not part of any email you have received from the discussions staff for activation. If you used a valid email address then you would have received an activation link to click on and once you do that then your password is entered and you are in. It is a precise and foolproof method that works day in and day out.

Please feel free to leave additional details or contact me using the email address from our home page which you can get to by clicking in the upper left hand corner.
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Hello, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link is not working...,
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