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Title: The House of Jam
Post by: Fester on 01/28/09
I got to thinking the other day about how the HOJ faded from Jax/Mandarin and what could have been done to save it. As you can probably tell by the main site, we love music and we like a variety of music. One problem that I personally had with the HOJ was trying to figure out when they were open and who was appearing or what the "theme" was for a particular night. This isn't meant to bash them - God knows I wish they were still in business - but I did not find it "user friendly" when trying to figure out when to go. We enjoyed some good music there and will look over there for signs of life everytime we eat at the Mi Toro. RIP HOJ - RIP.

Title: The House of Jam
Post by: D.thise on 12/03/09
Great call on some great music.  Thanks for the heads up.  Usually free music isnt nearly this good.